You have high standards. Just like we do.

Whether clothing fulfils its purpose is all a matter of quality. This is why we use high-quality materials and skill – down to the finest detail.


When you decide on new corporate wear, you would prefer to do this only once. After all, there's a lot of planning and effort behind the decision for the right workwear.

The quality of the result must be immediately convincing: the frustration and costs caused by poorly made apparel are immense – and avoidable. Why not pay attention to high-quality workmanship from the very beginning and let our experts advise you?

Seams, hems, pockets: the devil, and the errors, are in the details.

We produce the fabrics and other materials in our own production facilities, and finish and assemble our apparel in Germany and Poland. Our excellent relationships with our business partners and factories enable us to supply high-quality products in accordance with international standards. We also make regular personal on-site inspections to ensure that production conditions are fair and transparent.

Our workwear is robust, durable and washable in accordance with the ISO 15797 industry standard. Our resilient and extremely flexible production infrastructure enables us to respond optimally to all your needs. On request, we can work with you step by step to create exclusive clothing collections – in every detail, from seam color to button spacing. Are you interested in printing, embroidery and functional details? There are no limits to your ideas.

certificates we trust

Quality can be measured – and certified. This is why we rely not only on our experience but also on international quality seals.

OCS 100 and OCS blended verify the amount of ecological materials in a non-food product and create transparency in the production chain.

A textile that bears the label OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 has been inspected for hazardous substances in all its components and poses no risk to health.

Organisations certified to ISO 14001 continuously improve their environmental protection and reduce waste, emissions and energy and material consumption.

ISO 9001 stands for quality management and process optimisation. The standard denotes products and services that meet consistently high standards.

The sustainability seal SEDEX verifies that companies provide fair working conditions and comply with safety, hygiene and environmental standards.

GOTS certifies the organic status of textiles worldwide, from raw material harvesting to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing and labelling.

GRS certifies that goods contain at least 20% recycled material. It assesses the entire supply chain on the basis of environmental and ethical criteria.

RCS 100 confirms that goods consist of at least 95% recycled content. RCS blended guarantees a minimum of 5% recycled content in the product.

SA8000® ensures that a company is mindful of social standards and is committed to a humane work environment and responsible production.

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